The youth of Saptari are engaged in a campaign to stop the Tiktok app.  Saying that obscenity is increasing in the society, the youth demonstrated today in Rajviraj of Saptari to stop the TikTok app.

Sachidananda Yadav, district coordinator of Sanghharsha Samiti Abhiyan, informed that the Tiktok Ban Sanghsar Samiti Saptari submitted a memorandum to the district administration office Saptari and the district police office Saptari today while the Tiktok Ban Sanghharsh Samiti Saptari is about to be banned from various places.

The protesting youth protested with slogans such as 'Stop Tiktak', 'Take action against those who make obscene videos on Tiktak', 'Run Tiktak and save your culture', 'Tiktak Band Sanghharsha Samiti Zindavad' and others.

There is an allegation of the youth that the social media is being widely misused, exceeding the limits of obscenity in the society.  The Tiktok Ban Struggle Committee has submitted a memorandum after the activities of creating social disorder in Nepal started to increase.

There has been an appeal to ban Tiktok platform as nothing but obscenity has been seen and it has spread distortion in the society.

Even in the neighboring country of India, the government of India has closed down Tiktok after the education level started to decline and more distortions started to spread due to Tiktok.

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