YouTube is often adding new features to the experimental features page. Some premium subscribers are now allowed to zoom in with a pinch gesture to get a closer look at a part of the video. The zooming feature differs from Gesture in allowing all users, paying or not, to fill the screen with a single pinch.

YouTube Premium users zoom in features on videos

Currently it's only available in the YouTube app for Android in your Premium Benefits menu in Profile Settings. The pinch-to-zoom feature is available for demo until September 1. After that, the video platform is expected to either make an official presentation or release a later launch date if there are any issues with functionality.

There is no word on whether this feature will be made available to non-paying users.If you also run Android and are a premium member of YouTube, you will find a new Pinch for Zoom feature added to the app's Practical Features page.

For this just tap on your profile photo and then hit your premium benefits. From there, you can find the Try New Features page and turn on YouTube's pinch turn to zoom.

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