'Wi-Fi Nepal', which started two months ago as a new internet service provider, is now advancing in service expansion. When the competition of internet speed war is going on, this company has brought the cheapest package.

Under this, internet packages of 30 and 50 Mbps speed have been provided. Customers who take the annual package will get 30 Mbps internet speed for Rs 4,000 and 50 Mbps speed for Rs 5,000. In which the monthly fee for 30 Mbps is Rs 333 and for 50 Mbps is Rs 417.

Similarly, a three-month package of 30 Mbps will be available for Rs 1,100 and a six-month package for Rs 2,100, while a three-month package of 50 Mbps will cost Rs 1,500 and a six-month package will cost Rs 3,000.

In case of paying only one month's fee, the monthly fee of 30 Mbps speed internet package will be Rs 400 excluding VAT and the price of 50 Mbps speed internet package will be available at Rs 550 per month excluding VAT. 

Today we are discussing how is the Internet of WiFi Nepal through this video.

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