We have already prepared content on how to get a free domain. Once the website is live, it will be accessible to everyone. So if you want anyone to be able to visit your website when searching on the internet, you have to make it live after getting the domain. Today I am showing you how to install and live WordPress on a .com.np domain that I took for free.

How to get free web hosting

After taking the domain, hosting service is required to make the domain live. Just as starting a shop or business requires physical space to store or sell merchandise, setting up a website also requires space to store data in the digital world, which we refer to as hosting.

The cost of hosting service, storage and specifications are cheap or expensive depending on the company. So paying for hosting is like renting a store for a physical business. Some companies have provided such services for free. After coding your webpage, there are HTML/CSS files along with the images. These files require storage to live. If not hosted in an online medium, those files are limited to your computer.

A hosting provider provides space on a web server to store all your files and makes your website files live. Then only after you search your domain in the browser it shows the web page. When we took the .com.np domain, we put 000WEBHOST on the name server. I personally found free hosting of infinity free more reliable and fast than 000WEBHOST.

So I am using free hosting of infinity free to live the domain. So, first, let's change the domain's DNS nameserver. For that, login to register.com.np. You can change the nameserver by going to the active domain of the dashboard and using Edit dns. I edited the name server of WEB HOST and set the name server of infinity free.

The primary name server of infinity free is ns1.epizy.com and the secondary name server is ns2.epizy.com. In this way, when changing the name server, it may take a few days for the request to be approved. If you are getting a new domain, you don't have to go through this hassle if you keep the infinity free name server directly. After Request Approved, now browse infinityfree.com and sign up.

After you are logged in, go to the account section and create an account. infinity free also gives you your own domain. If you have not taken a (.com.np) domain, you can live the website by putting the extension of infinity free after your name.

Now I am live the .com .np domain we took. For that, go to custom domain and type the domain you have taken. After the domain is approved, enter the account password. Then you can access the control panel by going to manage the account you created earlier.

After opening the control panel, go to the software section below and select softaculous app installer. softaculous app installer provides you around 400 app installation including wordpress.

For now I am installing wordpress. So install wordpress. Then you can select site name site description theme. Now select admin username and password for wordpress. After that, install it. It can be installed within four to five minutes depending on the internet speed. After installation, the domain is live and when you search for the domain, the theme installed in WordPress will appear.

Now go to admin panel of wordpress to customize it. For that, put wp-admin behind your domain name. Sign in to wordpress admin by putting the username and password you used to install wordpress before.

After reaching the admin panel of wordpress, now you can customize the site according to your needs. You can make your site look good with the help of different theme plugins. We will discuss how to customize the theme of the website, keep the content along with the widget in another content.

What are the options for free hosting?

  1. InfinityFree
  2. Wix
  3. 000WebHost
  4. Google Cloud Hosting
  5. AwardSpace
  6. Freehostia
  7. FreeHosting
  8. ByetHost
  9. HyperPHP
  10. FreeWebHostingArea

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