In Nepal, the name Ram Bahadur is trending on the social media platform Twitter. In recent days, when Taliban and Afghanistan are trending in Nepal's Twitter, suddenly Ram Bahadur appeared in Twitter trending.

Surely you must have wondered why Ram Bahadur became trending on Twitter. And why Ram Bahadur became trending on Twitter or did he do such a special thing? The story of Ram Bahadur has been circulating on Nepal's social media all day. As a result, the name Ram Bahadur has been trending on Twitter.

Although Ram Bahadur is trending on Twitter, it has not shown how many tweets are related to that topic. The special reason why Ram Bahadur is trending on Twitter is because of Nepali young entrepreneurs and businessmen and Saurabh Jyoti.

Photo: From Saurabh Jyoti's Facebook page.The name 'Ram Bahadur', which was included in a topic that Jyoti said in a podcast, suddenly came into the limelight. He portrayed Ram Bahadur in a part of his conversation with a podcaster named Sanjay Gupta.

In which he has defined Ram Bahadur as an ordinary Nepali. He talked about things like alarms made in China, American food, Levi's jeans, wearing Bangladeshi shorts, riding Japanese motorbikes all day to look for jobs, and being unemployed in the evening, sitting on a sofa made in Malaysia, drinking French wine and watching Chinese TV.

He included the issue of various international brands occupying the market by saying that there are no Nepali products and there is no promotion of them. Ram Bahadur came into limelight after the clip came out on social media. There was a lot of discussion about this, especially on Twitter.

But a debate started on social media about how Ram Bahadur, an ordinary Nepali who uses international and expensive brands, became unemployed. In which social media users started trolling him and the name Ram Bahadur in various ways, the name came into Twitter trending.

It should be remembered that Jyoti is the current executive member of Nepal Industry and Commerce Federation and his company and group have been importing and selling Japanese motorbike brand Honda and Honda brand vehicles, electronics brand Philips, Tafe tractor, Usha pump, Hero motorbike, Baskin Robbins, Sark helmet etc. in Nepal. is In addition to this, he is also operating various manufacturing industries such as Himal Iron, Himal Oxygen, Jyoti Yarn under his affiliated group. He himself is a motorcycle enthusiast and a fan of American superheroes including Superman.

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