On Thursday, the police arrested 2 people on charges of being involved in honey trapping through social networks. Among those arrested are 24-year-old Shekhar Bastola and 20-year-old Rozina Raut of Batase, Solukhumbu Nechasalyan Rural Municipality-3, Bhaktapur Balkot.

According to the police, with the aim of obtaining criminal benefits in various places in Kathmandu, they mobilized women through the social network Facebook in a planned manner, exchanged phone numbers, coordinated contacts, filed false cases, threatened the victims and threatened the victims by blackmailing them and extorting money.

On the basis of the same information, the police deployed from the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, Min Bhavan, arrested those involved in the act from New Baneshwar, Kathmandu.It is said that through social media, girls are being used to communicate with men, and they are threatening the victims by making obscene conversations and blackmailing them and asking for a large sum of money.

According to the preliminary investigation, Rozina Raut's husband Shekhar Bastola introduced himself as a police inspector of the Cyber ​​Bureau and forced him to give money under pressure. Police said that they have been sent to District Police Complex Kathmandu for further investigation in the criminal benefit case.

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