Some time ago many Chinese apps were banned in India. Among these apps, the TikTok app is one of the most talked about apps when it shut down. After the short video platform Tiktok was banned, Indians have not been able to use this app for a long time, but local apps have flourished.

video platform Tiktok will unbanned

There are reports that this app may once again make a 'comeback' in India. However, the Government of India has not given any information about this. According to Indian media, a few months ago, ByteDance, TikTok's company, was in talks with a Mumbai-based company on how to re-introduce TikTok to India.

Currently, a leading e-sports and gaming company, SkySports, has confirmed that TikTok is coming back to India. It is expected that once again people in India will be able to use this short video app. According to a news report quoting sources, SkySports CEO, Shiv Nandi has issued a statement confirming that Tiktok is making a comeback in India.

According to Shiv Nandi, if this happens, the video game BGMI will also make a 100% comeback in India. A few months ago, an ET report claimed that ByteDance was in talks with Hiranandani Group to bring the video sharing platform back to India.

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