Apple's AirPods have been one of the most popular earphone products. Apple also regularly brings Airpods to the market to maintain its popularity.

Apple AirPods

The company plans to release the second generation Apple AirPods Pro by the end of this year. Some details of the pre-public Apple AirPods have emerged. According to the latest report by analyst Ming Chi Ku, the upcoming Apple AirPods models will be given USB Type C for charging. So far, the company has been providing its own Lightning port on AirPods.

Gizmochina has written that it has not been confirmed whether the Apple Airpod, which will be released next month, will officially have a USB C port or not. According to market rumors, the AirPod, which will be released next year, will have a USB Type C port.

There is a high possibility that the USB C charging port will be placed in the iPhone model that Apple will release in 2023. The European Union has passed a law mandating USB Type C charging ports on all devices. Europe is one of the biggest markets for the iPhone. In order to protect its large market, Apple is likely to provide USB Type-C charging port in its devices.

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