The use of electric vehicles is on the rise around the world. Some American and European countries are promoting the use of electric vehicles by setting a time limit for displacing petroleum vehicles.

Most countries in the world have even offered car purchases to increase the use of electric vehicles. The impact of the increasing use of electric vehicles worldwide is gradually being felt in the Nepali market as well. The import of electric vehicles is increasing in Nepal every year. As of May this year, more than 1,700 electric vehicles have been imported.

In view of the increasing use around the world, the number of new electric vehicle companies is increasing and the companies producing gasoline vehicles are also engaged in the manufacture of electric vehicles.

For the past few years, electric cars have been dominated by the world's richest Alan Musk's company, Tesla. The American company Tesla still dominated the production and sale of electric cars. However, according to the latest statistics, the Chinese company BYD has beaten Tesla.

In car sales, BYD has surpassed Tesla. Chinese automaker BYD, which also owns US billionaire Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, has overtaken Ellen Musk's Tesla in terms of sales.

The sale of BYD indicates China's dominance in the field of electric vehicles. Headquartered in Shenzhen, BYD sold 641,000 vehicles in the first six months of this year (2022), up 300 percent from the same period last year.

The number of cars sold by BYD in the current fiscal year is 96,000 more than the American company Tesla. Tesla sold only 546,000 vehicles during the period. The company blamed a drop in its sales on problems in the global supply chain and the impact of construction on construction sites in China.

Many BYD models are plug-in hybrid vehicles. It uses a large battery in addition to a conventional engine for long journeys. However, under Chinese sales rules, they are also considered "zero-emission" vehicles.

BYD not only makes electric vehicles but also batteries used in electric cars. This year, it has overtaken South Korea's LG to become the world's second-largest electric vehicle battery maker. Before BYD, China's Chinese contemporary Emperex technology is ahead.

Analysts see the growth of China's domestic auto industry as a catalyst for change in the global auto market. This is because Chinese EV manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the export market.

Last year, China, the world's largest car market, exported more than half a million electric vehicles, more than double the number last year. However, about one-third of China's exports to Europe were from European-owned European brands Volvo Cars and MG Motors. Only 2 percent cars. There were only Chinese brands. About half were Tesla cars, and the remaining 14 percent were Chinese-made cars in China.

But after a while, Chinese companies like BYD are expected to challenge foreign automakers at home, especially in the United States.


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