Some countries in the world are displacing 3G with the introduction of 5G mobile technology. Companies have started displacing 3G as soon as the telecom service provider backs up the Forge LTE and launches 5G.

Tesla's older model cars have problems with the Internet connection since the 3G was replaced. However, Tesla had introduced another arrangement of internet connection as an alternative to 3G.

However, the new mode could not work immediately after the 3G shutdown, causing problems in some vehicles. Internet connection is important in Tesla vehicles.

Through which the company is collecting information about the condition of the vehicle and giving necessary and important information to the user. That's why the company had arranged the connection since Tesla's first model 'S' was unveiled in 2012.

The company had earlier informed the users that the connection may be broken as such older models have 3G connection. Despite that, some vehicles could not be connected.

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