Updating permalinks will provide you good search results for your blogger posts. Update permalink of your older post to get better seo-optimization in your site. Updating permlink will make your post up-to-date in search results.

You can update old and very old post with own customize permalink in blogger post. You can update it and replace with your main keywords which is good for your seo. Update your older post with your own keywords to related to posts which is good for seo. If you place your keywords in the permalink you will get better results in the future.
Though, if you update permalink of your older posts your can't access the older post with the same older links. Which might create issues. so, today i have come up with the new post that describes How to update permalink of blogger post and set custom redirections to get the post in older link. if you are intending to update the permalink remember to set custom redictions. Check the post below how you can actually do that with easy method.

How to update permalink in blogger posts?

Well, updating permalink you can make your link clean and short as well as you can place your main keywords in the permalink to target in the search console. place your keywords in the permalink that search engine provides the good result if user search in your keywords. It is very effective way to optimize SEO on your website. Look an example how it looks like without permalink and with permalink and how to update it in old blogger posts.

  • Without permalink
  • With permalink

Step 1 :First of all your need to login to your blogspot. To login goto the link https://www.blogspot.com and you will see your dashboard in the blogger.
Step 2: After that click on POSTS in the dashboard. After that you will see list of your posts. look for the post which you want to update permalink in the post. tick in the one post and click on the revert to draft on the top. You post will reverted to draft.
Free usa disposal numberupdate permalink in blogger

Step 3: Click on the post that draft post to update the permalink and from edit menu choose permalink and place your desired permalink and save it make your post publich again click on publish. Now, you have successfully updated permalink in blogger post. but you can't access same post in the older link.

permalink imageupdate permalink in older posts

That's all about how to update permalink in blogger posts to optimize the seo on your website. You have successy upadated your permalink in the blogger posts.

How to setup redirection in updated permalink posts?

The problem is still not solved because updating permalink will replace your post link and the same post will be unaccessible in the older link so it is neccessary to set custom redirection for older link. you can do it in a minutes. Setting up redirection makes your post still visible in the older link. You can read the post below to know how you can put a redirection.

Step 1 : On your blogger dashboard, Goto setting>> Search Perferences. after that you will see new pages with many options. You are going to set the custom redirection so click on custom redirection to edit it.
permalink in blogger

Step 2: If you have already created redirection in the past. Create a new redirection otherwise no need to simply set direction url. This might seems little confusing , look an example to do it.
If your older permalink was
and you update it with new permalink as
https://www.mywebsite.com/2018/12/update-permalink-in-blogger.html as new updated permlink.

In the from write your older permalink /2018/12/update-permalink-in-blogger-post-for-seo.html
and in the to write your new updated permalink /2018/12/update-permalink-in-blogger.html
after that tick on the permanet and save it and save changes.

Step 3: You are done. you have sucessfully set the custom redirection for the updated posts. Now you can access the post in the older link. check the url link it must be exact otherwise you will get an error on the link.

On this tutorial you learnt about how to update permalink in blogger post and set custom redirection in the older link. I already described why the redirection is precious for older link. You can not access all the post in older link if you did not set the redirection. What's your views on this post. Share the anything you want to speak comment box always welcomes you.

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